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If you're frustrated about where you are in your career search and how to write a resume. Relax. I am here to help.
Expert Resume Writer in Boston

Expert Resume Writer in Boston

With over 15 years as a professional Resume Writer, I have been named one of the top resume services in Massachusetts. I am proud to work with clients like you in finding the perfect dream job. I write for all industries, all backgrounds, Career Change Resumes, and even those that are just graduating from high school or college. Need help with Graduate Admission essays or Executive Bios? I do those too! Anything that helps propel your career, I can help.

With all of my resumes, I provide each of my clients with top quality and layouts in the form of Executive Format resumes. They are simply the most professional you can have and really work to highlight everything you have to offer.

My Resume Process

My resume process is simple. I write for about 20 clients per week, so I am used to having a LOT of info flung at me! 🙂 The more you have, great. Don’t have much? No problem. A big question I always get is- what if I am not a good writer, or I don’t have an old resume? Don’t even worry about it. I need good basics from you. I develop every single resume from scratch anyways to ensure focus and voice. Continuity is key here.

I Win Interviews For You

My specially designed resumes are unique and VERY effective. With my extensive background, let me take all of your career experience, and translate it into exactly what an employer is looking for. I am proud to say that my clients get interviews. Yes. Every. Single. One. Why would you chance it with any other resume service when I can make sure you get interviews?

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