The Resume Process Doesn't Have To Be Hard

My focus is to get you the interview. Leave the writing to me!
There are a TON of Resume Writers... Why Should I Hire You?

That is a fantastic question and one I get asked a lot. The simple answer is:

  • I KNOW What You Need.
  • I DEVELOP a STRONG Resume & LinkedIn.
  • I GET You Interviews.

My clients have a 100% success rate with my resumes… not many writers can say that! The fact is – If you don’t get an interview within 30 days- I will work with you until you get an interview.


So... Who is Going to Write My Resume?


I'm Completely Stressed... HELP!

First things first… you are NOT the first person to tell me how stressed out the idea of writing a resume is. Now do me a favor… take a Deep Breath… I do it all. Stress be gone! 🙂  I get it- job searching is challenging. Writing about yourself is sometimes scary. Let me take away your stress and provide you with what you need so all you need to do is focus onthe interview.

So How Do I Get You Info?

If you have an old resume… great. If you don’t… great. I develop everything from scratch anyways. What happens is this- once you order, I send over a short questionnaire. And no, it isn’t long or time-consuming. I just need a good overview of the basics of your experience. So between those 2 documents… I am good to go and if you have anything else that will help develop your resume – do email it to me


Do You Have a Guarantee?

Yes I do! 🙂 I offer a 30 Day Interview Guarantee. Basically that means that after 30 days if you have received NO interviews at all after active searching- I will work with you until you do! I am VERY confident of my abilities to get you an interview offer!

I'm Ready to Get Started....

Choose the package you want on my ORDER page, and then click ORDER NOW. I will be notified of your email and I will send out the questionnaire right away so we can get it all rolling for ya!

I Have MORE Questions or Need Further Help to Choose a Package.

Click HERE to Contact Me. 🙂 Or go on my LIVE chat button- bottom right corner of this page to chat with me now. OR call and speak to my representative (617) 418-1717

Do I Need a LinkedIn Profile? Really?

Ok- so here is the thing. A LinkedIn Profile is a MAJOR way to help recruiters take notice of you and let employers know you are very serious about your career and professional life. Do employers look for you on social media before an interview – YES they do. Are you a Twitter or Facebook Junkie or a PRO? Having NO LinkedIn and just other social profiles OR a BAD LinkedIn and nothing else will both hurt your interview chances. Don’t chance it. Be the Professional you are with a STRONG LinkedIn!

Can I Get Help With My LinkedIn Profile?

Yes, absolutely! While I am not affiliated with LinkedIn at all- I LOVE their product. It is amazing and it really is a game changer in the job search. My clients a 200%+ increase in their profile activity and contacts, including interview offers once I optimize it.

What is the Turnaround Time for Services?

I have 2 options.

  1. Normal turnaround is typically 5-7 business days.
  2. My other option is Next Day Service. I only have a certain amount of spots available- so get your order in asap if you need it fast!
  3. If you need it same day- I MAY be able to help you. So Call NOW. (347) 696-1109
What is the Process Like?

Remember the whole stop being stressed part- it all begins with Step #1!

  1. Choose the package you want and place your ORDER on my website.
  2. Receive order confirmation and a questionnaire to your ordering email address.
  3. Fill it all out- and email it back to me along with an old resume if you have one. I will confirm receipt of your documents and provide you with a delivery date.
  4. Receive your package documents via email in MS WORD and PDF formats- and your LinkedIn profile will also be complete. Review them and let me know if you want anything adjusted. I am here to help.
  5. Go apply for the jobs, get interviews and then get a brand new shiny job!
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